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Dyson vacuums are a total rip-off. I've had mine for 6 months and from day 1 have had problems with it.

They claim it's a good machine to buy for homes with pets....not. The brush drive belt pulls all the hair into the belts, drive pulley, belt tensioner and you have to pick the hair out every time you vaccuum or it would burn up the motor. Last time it I used it the hair wrapped around the tensioner pully, stopped it from turning and it fell off the vacuum. And the darn thing costs $450.

They will send you replacement parts but who wants to own a 1 use vacuum cleaner for $450.

The thing is junk!!!

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You are a *** just like the real ted danson this products suck and i don't mean that in a nice way


You're an *** who doesn't know quality if it hit you upside your face leaving a big mushroom print.

Dyson is the most reputable vacuum out there. I've owned mine for 4 years with no problem. For hair issues, I have 2 Irish Wolf Hounds who shed constantly but this Dyson does the trick and believe it or not I've never had to clean it since I bought it.

True Story - Ted D.

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