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I reported my Dyson big ball animal and allergy a few weeks ago to customer service for injuring my child! After vacuuming I turned off the vacuum and continued with my daily chores.

I heard a scream coming from the next room and walked in to find my 5 year old daughter hysterically crying as she was holding her leg. She pointed to the vacuum and said it burned her. I went to touch the big ball of the vacuum and it was scorching hot! It felt as hot as a heating radiator!

My daughter calmed down after a while and after applying ice to her leg, she was ok. I do have kids over my house all the time.... had it been a toddler,I worry the injury would have been more serious! I immediately called dyson to report the incident.

I was told by Early (supervisor) to have the vacuum shipped to the service department to the get inspected. I agreed to ship the vacuum for inspection with regards to making sure this does not happen to any other family with small children or pets and made it clear that I absolutely did not want this model back in my home even if it were to be repaired! After two weeks and numerous calls and emails to dyson I was told that the inspection concluded "moisture in the Vacuum" and that Dyson is not responsible for water damage. I don't acknowledge ever having any liquid around or near my vacuum.

My vacuum is a little over a year old. I can't believe that dyson will not exchange or refund me for this incident! Safety is my main concern and that is the reason why I do not want to have this specific vacuum back in my home. I'm also surprised that there are no safety features regarding over heating.

Clearly it's a malfunction of the vacuum if a little moisture can cause this vacuum to over heat to this extent!

I have been a loyal customer of dyson for over ten years and own two other dyson vacuums. its hard to believe that dyson would even allow me to have this vacuum returned to my home after injuring my child!

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