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I ordered a Dyson multifloor 2 on 11/24/17 and was told that this will be shipped within 2 days. I even told the representative that I was leaving out of the country on 12/11.

She said it was ok and you’ll receive the order in plenty of time. 12/6 has passed, still have not received a shipment confirmation. Called Dyson again and was informed the order was processing and it will be shipped on end of business Friday and he was going to call me next day to provide the tracking number. Then the next passed, did not received a call.

Called back Dyson for the 3rd time and spoke to another representative that informed me that was a incorrect information I was provided and that they where instructed by higher ups not to provide updates but only to say the ordering is in processing. I was already upset with this conflicting information...and still no shipment. Then the representative just hanged up. Then I called back Dyson for the 4th time and spoke to another representative that informed me that I just have to wait and practically just nonchalant said SOL and hanged up.

I said I want to cancel since Dyson overcommitted and took money without delivering the product. She said that orders placed on Black Friday cannot be cancelled that she is sorry, however my order is still processing. I said that had been processing since 11/24, she said now that processing has been extended to 15 days or more and that was it and hanged up. I called up again for the 5th time between 12/7 or 12/8 and spoke to another representative and was informed the same and if ever they shipped the product which she does not know when is just to call up UPS to hold the shipment until I come back from abroad.

This company is just way way out off their league. You would think that dealing directly with Dyson would be the best way instead of going to Amazon or Target buying the vacuum. That was a horrible mistake. If I bought this vacuum at Amazon I would have received this in two days.

To get back to this horrible situation, I was out of the country when I received a shipment tracking confirmation that the estimated time of delivery was 12/15. I received the shipment finally opened the vacuum and the wheel was broken. Also to add to this very frustrating experience, only two out of four of the accessories that where part of the order had been shipped. Now for the damaged & return part of this fiasco.

I called Dyson again for the 5th time to inform them of their damaged new vacuum shipment. The representative said if you want to exchange I will give you a authorization number and I have to go to UPS to ship back the damaged product. The representative gave to me on the phone the number to show to UPS. I go to UPS and the store said they do not have this number.

I went home recalling all these incidents and feeling traumatized. I called Dyson again for the 6th time and the representative said that the person I spoke with did not know that the number provide to me must be authorized by a Dyson manager first. Then she proceeded to get a authorization number approved and provided this to me.

In short it is almost a month to date and I still do no have a vacuum which Dyson already received payment for. Now they have to wait for the damaged vacuum to be received before they can process my order....and knowing this unreliable company operations may have to go through the same horrible experience with the exchange.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $274.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Another issue that Dyson that does not care about is their digital support team at offers a 2 hours response time 24 hours a Day is another of this company’s fraudulent claim to fame. They do not respond at all.

The fact that you can wait up to 1 hour on their telephone number provided their digital support team never responds. This company is very close to providing fraudulent services

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