Dyson Dc65 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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What Dyson sold me was a $650 vacuum cleaner with a 5yr warranty. What I got instead was a $650 vacuum cleaner with a warranty that essentially covers nothing. The reason I say this is because if you read the warranty, one of the things not covered is "normal wear and tear". This term can essentially be applied to everything that can and most likely will go wrong or break with their products. It should be noted that the vacuum cleaner I...
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Having many vacuum cleaners in my life, the Dyson 65 pet cleaner is a mess. It constantly jams, 4 dogs but it is for pets, and then just will stop working until it resets. I usually use it just for a family room and rarely can do the whole room without something stopping me from completion. Clean the filter, empty it, take it apart which is easy, to look for clogs but sometimes nothing. I would never buy another Dyson cause all it needs to do...
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